Real-Time health monitoring and disease prediction, directly on your wrist. Helo is a wristband that can be worn 24/7. It monitors your vitals in real time and provides you with data that can be used to inform your health and lifestyle choices, leading to better health and physical condition.

The most advanced wearable.

Helo is the first bracelet that emerges the most advanced technology in health monitoring with minerals and stone to improve your health and lifestyle.

Unlike ordinary wristbands, Helo is not limited to monitoring and reporting physical data. Helo has active sensors, minerals and stones that directly influence the human body—recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.

Body and Physical

helo wristbandBlood Pressure
Breath Rate
Heart Rate


Step, Distance and Calories


Sleep quality monitor





A constant, discrete, monitoring

Helo can measure biological rhythm, mood and fatigue, sleep quality, breath and heart beat and so on. Thanks to the dedicated app on your smartphone, You can understand your emotions and record your data and progress, to obtain a complete schema of your health behaviors, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.

helo-sensorAdvanced Sensors

Helo use the most innovative sensors
available on the market to give you
accurate results and monitoring.


Photoplethysmography Sensor – Measures
Blood Volume Pulse (BVP), from which heart
rate, heart rate variability (HRV) and other
cardiovascular features,

Sleep quality management

Improve the quality of your sleep.

A Gem With A Secret

Most people intend to change their habits and improve their health. Helo doesn’t forget anything about your health. Even when you’re at home resting and relaxing, Helo gives you alle the info about your body status.

helo-bracelet-panicDon’t Panic

The continuous monitoring of Helo will be for you a discrete friend in your life. But also a useful companion if you are in trouble. With the Panic Button you can call automatically your loved ones to signal you have a problem, sending automatically also your GPS position.

In the stones.

The Ipo-Allergenic band contains replaceable and removable titanium plates, with stones of pure Germanium at 99,99% and crystals of Himalyan Salt.


Germanium (Ge) is a naturally occurring semiconductor. Number 32 in the periodic table of the elements, it is also a natural antioxidant.

Himalayan salt

Himalayan salt predominantly consists of sodium chloride and contains the same 84 natural minerals and elements found in the human body.

Why Do you need it?

The modern lifestyle puts us in contact with many positive ions generated by smartphones, computers, electronic devices, UV rays and more. An excess of positive ions in the body causes muscle stiffening, decreases the metabolic cycle, accelerates aging, making us more susceptible to diseases.

Positive Hole

When a negative ion replaces a positive ion, it creates a “positive gap.”This gap helps the body maintain its balance, relaxing muscles and reducing panic.

Fir Effect

The stones emits a high percentage of infrared rays at microwaves (Far Infrared Rays). The stones emit a high percentage of infrared microwave rays (or Far Infrared Rays). These waves activate your body’s water molecules, increasing the oxygen level and improving blood circulation by up to 300%, leading to a better quality of sleep.

Monitor the progress.

Thanks to the app installed on your smartphone, you can monitor the progress of your health, experience better quality of sleep, relax more, enjoy a high percentage of blood oxygenation, and benefit from thousands of lifestyle tips, including tips about mood and behavior.

Enjoy the incredible combination of the most modern technology along with the well-documented effects of Germanium and Himalayan Salt.

This is what peace of mind looks like.

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Legal Disclaimer:
Helo measurements are trend measurements and are for self evaluation purposes only. All measurements should be considered as ambulatory measurements. Accuracy may vary significantly and measurements are not designed or intended to substitute professional medical advice, clinical assessment or medical measurement. In case of concern, inconsistency or measurement abnormalities or if you develop skin irritation or any negative effects, stop use immediately and consult your medical professional.

Mineral and magnetic therapy products are considered unproven remedies. Their efficacy is not recognised in traditional medicine and should not be used as a substitute for medically prescribed treatments.

Contact your health-care provider immediately if you suspect that you have a medical problem.

Safety Information:
Not to be worn by anyone wearing any medical electrical implant device.

Medical Warning:
This product is NOT being sold as a Medical Device or to replace professionally prescribed Medical treatment. Consult your Doctor before use. DO NOT USE IF YOU ARE PREGNANT, WEAR A PACEMAKER, OR ANY OTHER FORM OF ELECTRICAL IMPLANT OR DEVICE FOR MEDICAL REASONS OF ANY KIND.