helo testimonialsWhat do I think of the Helo wristband? It is amazing! I never thought I would be jumping on the fitness wristband trend but when I saw the Helo wristband I was interested! Not only does it track your typical fitness measurements.. it also tracks health measurements too! Helo has active sensors, minerals and stones that directly influence the human body—recording emotions, fatigue, sleep quality, exercise, blood pressure, heart rate and ECG.

I have used it for about 5 days now and it really DOES do everything is says. I love it!

Here are some Helo testimonials:

While attending a religious conference I started having jabbing heart pains, immediately looked at my HELO and the ECG reading showed me having an arrhythmia. I went to first aid where a volunteer EMT took my BP 145/100 Pulse was 140. Both very high for me. Showed the staff my list of normal readings from my HELO. They sent me to the closest hospital where they did a variety of tests. They recommended tests that would have taken 2 plus days so I opted to head home after a night in the hospital with family and went straight to my local ER. They ran a quicker test to do a heart stress test while doing a CT. I checked out with a clear heart but I had strained my chest muscles and spasms in my upper abdomen and it caused the symptoms. Nitroglycerin actually eased the spasms so my heart is good and I love my early warning system and peace of mind my HELO gave me. Having the stored list of previous numbers on hand saved allot of time and no need to wait for medical records history. - Tina T.


I found the HELO very useful and it picked up some exercise induced extra beats!
I believe heart patients should own one and as the HELO app keeps track of your ECG recordings, you can share these with your cardiologist. If you have intermittent heart rhythm problems it could be just the thing for you. - Al T.


*Друзья мои, партнёры, приветствую* 🌺 я сейчас лежу в 1-ой городской клинической больницы города Новосибирска в отделении кардиологии. Спасибо нашему *Helo за спасение меня* 🙏� как бы это грубо не звучало....

2 месяца я наблюдаю как мой браслет Helo показывает мое ЭКГ - ненорма, ХОТЯ ЧУВСТВУЮ Я СЕБЯ ХОРОШО, и я решила не испытывать судьбу, а *довериться Helo* 19.10.2016 года пошла в поликлинику сделать ЭКГ (описание ЭКГ дают на обычно на следующий день) но мне сказали подождать и с описанием прям сейчас идти к своему терапевту. Я пошла к своему терапевту ...мы побеседовали и она мне сказала, что не имеет права отпускать меня домой, и вызвала скорую. Приехала скорая и увезла меня в кардиологию.

Вот лежу теперь, врачи приводят ритм моего сердца в норму, сравнивают свои показатели ЭКГ, пульса, давления с браслетом Helo- совпадение 99,9% и говорят : тебе повезло твоя игрушка спасла тебе жизнь 😇

*Лично от себя прошу- оденьте Helo на всех, кто вам дорог, кого вы любите ❤ это серьёзный гаджет* честно скажу, до этого случая, я относилась к Helo, как к фитнес - трекеру, это была ошибка ☝


* ENGLISH TRANSLATION: my friends, partners, welcome * 🌺 now I'm lying in the 1th city clinical hospital in the city of novosibirsk in cardiology office. Thank you to our #helo for saving me * 🙏 � as it would be rude not to sound....
2 months I've been observing how my bracelet helo shows my ekg - nenorma, although i feel good, and I decided not to take chances, and * TRUST HELO * 19.10.2016 years went to the clinic to do an EKG (description of the EKG they usually The next day) but I said wait and describing the right now to go to his therapist. I went to my therapist... we talked and she told me that does not have the right of letting me go home, and I called the ambulance. The ambulance came and took me to the workup.
Here I'm lying now, doctors cause the rhythm of my heart back to normal, compare their performance EKG, pulse pressure, with a bracelet helo-coincidence, 99,9 per cent, and they say: you're lucky your toy saved your life 😇
* personally from myself please-put on the helo at all who you care about someone you love ❤ that's a serious gadget * be honest, you know, before this, I treated helo, how to fitness - trekeru, it was a mistake ☝
* take care of yourself and family, together with the helo * - Tina P.


A great testimony by Dr. Philip Loh

HELO ~~~ Between Life and Death
If you have noticed I have gone off radar for the past two days, I was admitted to the hospital for heart attacked, and I want to share my experience with you.
On Friday morning, I was not feeling well, I took an ECG reading on my HELO at close to noon time, the reading said "Abnormal". I wasn't putting much attention to it as I thought it was due to the heavy work and stress for the past few days that caused the reading to abnormal.
At about 2pm, I began to feel uncomfortable, I took another reading, and I noticed this time not only my ECG said "Abnormal" but my blood pressure has gone up and my heart rate was at 130.
I called my fiancée to immediately send me to the closest hospital, at the emergency gate, I collapsed. I was treated immediately and doctor and nurses managed to revive me. However, the hospital does not have any heart specialist, so I was transferred by ambulance to the hospital that had my medical records.
At the hospital, the heart specialist came to me after all the ECG and blood test, he told me I was lucky to came in on time, any minute later would have been in very dangerous situation.
When I took my first ECG reading on my HELO with the result of "Abnormal", I should have just drop whatever I was doing and went for medical check up, rather to wait until I took the second reading. That I might not even have to be admitted and being treated as out patient.
To those of you who are wearing your HELO, please do your regular ECG check and most importantly, TRUST YOUR HELO!
And for my friends who are not wearing HELO, you must get one for yourself and for your patents, I am not pursuing you to buy something that is not necessary, I am telling you to own your LIFE SAVING DEVICE! - Dr. Philip Loh